Monday, October 13, 2008

Wanted: A Normal Working Thyroid

Just an FYI on my fatigue...and crap. I had blood work and an ultrasound on my thyroid last week and I missed my appointment this morning to find out the results. I should have known better to make an appointment so early. I'm NEVER fully functioning by that time. Ugh. So now I'm hoping that the doctor's office will call and give me the results over the phone. All I know is that I'm super tired still, really crabby, very irritable, have headaches,my memory stinks (uh, that's pretty obvious by missing that appointment!) and have ZERO energy.

Do you currently have any of these symptoms? YES!! YES, I DO!! I marked the ones in red that I have. I got this list from a thyroid help website. Anyways...back to feeling blah. :-

Palpitations (rapid or forceful heart beat)
Poor concentration
Memory loss
Difficulty sleeping
Excessive need for sleep

Weak muscles
Sore muscles
Dry skin

Itchy skins
Unusual hair loss
Dry hair
Cracking nails
Infrequent bowel movements or hard stools
Frequent bowel movements or loose stools
Unexplained weight gain
Unexplained weight loss
Persistent pain or swelling at the front of the neck
Sensation of a lump in the throat
Eye pain or double vision
Swelling or protrusion of eyes
Change in facial appearance
Difficulty tolerating cold
Difficulty tolerating heat

Hand tremor