Saturday, October 1, 2005

This is the map of Hubei. Posted by Picasa

The entire Wagner family (minus Julia because she's still in China!)...even MOM in the water. Major Miracle! Posted by Picasa

Wayne and Anna swimming in the ocean. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Wendell, Anna and Cam with the flounder they caught. Posted by Picasa

Wayne, Cam and Uncle Wendell with the SHARK they caught at our favorite red sand beach. Posted by Picasa

Both of the kids swimming, thanks Aunt Cherrie for the noodles! Posted by Picasa

Cameron at the pool at the Sleep Inn in Daytona Posted by Picasa

Anna on the plane from Detroit to Orlando Posted by Picasa

Updates, an Ultrasound picture, Yahoo groups and my poison ivy

Well, every time I come to check out the site, no one has updated stuff for me!! :-) here goes...

1. I have been talking to Michelle on a regular basis. She still feels as though we will get our TA (travel approval) at the end of October. I'm holding on to that with all my heart. It's hard to believe that I could be holding Julia 2 months from now. I guess only time will tell.

2. We bought Cameron a new bunk bed for his room off of Ebay today. It's a cool black one with a twin on the top and a full size on the bottom. We are looking at something similar for Anna and Julia, but I'm not sure yet. Michelle says she loves the ones that her kids have. That it's worked out great for them. I'm not sure if her Alivia is little stinker like Anna. ;-) Anyways, Cam is excited, now we need to head to Kent City to pick it up. He not sure what kind of bedding he wants for it. I guess that gives me something else to shop for.

3. Here's a picture that Sharon with the late august DTC group posted. I love it! I will probably print it out and put it in Julia's lifebook. Since we don't have an ultrasound picture of her like we do of Cameron and Anna, so this is as close as we are going to get. :-)

4. Speaking of Yahoo groups, I've joined a few. People with August DTC dates (more NSN adoptions), late August DTC just for SN adoptions, WCC (Waiting Children China) for families that have adopted or are adopting SN kids from China, COO (Carry On group for those wishing not to check any luggage, which is NOT us!), GGRCCC (Greater Grand Rapids Chinese Culture Club), MI-WCC (The Michigan version of the WCC), Atresia/Microtia (for people with the condition or families with kids with m/a), AAI (Adoption Associates has their own group for families that are adopting from China), Xianning and Xianning Culture (for families that have adopted or will be adopting from the Xian An SWI or Xianning City), Toddler Adoption China (speaks for itself).'s a full time job just keeping up with all the posts. Some groups have lots more action that others. Most have been hugely helpful. I'm hoping to meet some of the folks from the late august group. They are really a great group of women.

5. We bought an awesome backpack for the laptop. Even the computer gets something new for the trip!! :-) It's a Kensington that we got directly from Dell. It's super nice and it's got lumbar support for Wayne. I think he will be the one hauling all the paperwork and electronics from here to China. Poor guy! He needs to start working on those back muscles now. Anyway, the backpack is hella cool.

6. Thanks to Aunt Cheryl for taking care of us in Florida. Wayne says this was the best trip so far. Special thanks for the secret gift...I'll let you know what we pick out. ;-)

7. I'm trying to arrange a get together with Liz, Brion, Michelle, Randy and us. So's not been working out. Wayne is headed to New Jersey this next week for work (7th-14th). I'm going to try to put tons of energy into Cam/Anna's rooms to get things organized. Right now, Anna is sleeping in the toddler bed in our room. Not my ideal situation, but...she's happy and sleeping better. I'm sure that Julia will sleep in our bed anyways...

8. Sooo...some of you are wondering how I faired on the poison ivy front. Well, I still have some scabs from the worst parts. BLEH...I have been fighting this stuff for nearly 6 weeks!!! DON'T EVER GET POSION IVY! On top of that while I was in Florida I had an allergic reaction to the change in my laundry soap. More itchy bumps...more tubes of Cortisone 10. I'm not going to lie. It sucked, it sucked BAD. As of now, I still have a small rash on the backs of my arms and the tops of my thighs. :-( Not a happy camper.

Ok...I need to finish this for tonight. My fingers need a break. Take care and love you all!