Friday, December 2, 2005

Day #2

Getting our little China doll up this morning was not easy. She was tired and wanted nothing to do with either me or Wayne. She apparently is NOT a morning person...just like her Momma. :-) After a little persuasion, she decided that she would like to visit Isaac and go for a walk. We headed to breakfast around 8:00am. Julia was not the happiest little one. She ate so-so and just wanted to be held by Wayne. I won't sugar coat this...but it hasn't easy. We are struggling a bit to make sure that she knows that both of us are here for her. She tends to cry easy and seeing other Chinese women is hard for her. We wish that we could just come home now.

We were meeting Roselind in the front lobby again at 9:30 for a trip to the Hubei museum. It was very interesting. All of the artifacts came from one tomb. The largest set of chime bells. They call it the 8th wonder of the world. :-) They are in the process of expanding their buildings, so there is construction everywhere. Julia wanted to be carried again by Wayne, but we decided that she needed to get used to depending on Mommy as well. I'm sure there are therapists that are going to scold be but, OH WELL! That scolding can't be worse than getting scolded by older men and women because Julia's legs were exposed. Her little pants were riding up as I was carrying her and well, an older man came over and said something, then tried pulling down her cuffs. It wasn't too much later that I bought some heavier cordouroy pants to wear over her regular pants.

Rosalind took us to some small children’s clothing stores. Liz needed to pick up some more pants for Isaac. I had brought enough clothes for Julia seeing how we had clothes left over from Anna. We did purchase a stroller. Julia seemed to enjoy riding in that. We then went to a "grocery" store of sorts. I wanted to get some small bowls for cereal/soup for us and some other snacks for Julia. We bought a small pack of 9 Chips O’Hoy cookies, 3 20oz Cokes, 2 packages of these cookies/cracker things that Julia likes, 4 packs of gum, a 2 liter bottle of water, 12 bottles of this Wahaha milk stuff for Julia, a bag of M&M’s and the plastic bowls all for 40 Yuan...which is $5.00 USD.

After shopping, we went to McDonald’s for lunch. Julia LOVES McDonald’s. We think she defiantly went there with her foster mom. I will post some pictures of that. Right now Julia is taking a nap and sleeping rather well.

I need to give my fingers a break, so I will go post the pictures. Cameron and Anna, I love you both and miss you very much. So far we haven’t shopped for a whole lot of stuff for you. I will make sure that we have some really cool things by the time we come home! Please be good for Gramma and Poppa. ~hugs and kisses~

So sleepy after a busy morning! Posted by Picasa

Isaac enjoying his french fries too! Posted by Picasa

Happy moment inside the McDonald's Posted by Picasa

Julia says, "Peace, Love and McDonald's is all we need!" Posted by Picasa

Julia offering a french fry to the guy that sat next to us. He was super nice! Posted by Picasa

Picture of the Chime Bells  Posted by Picasa

Map of Hubei Posted by Picasa

Putting on lotion with far she doesn't eat it like Anna does!! Posted by Picasa

Doing bubbles with Mommy Posted by Picasa

After breakfast this morning Posted by Picasa