Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3 years ago you know where you were?

This is the baby I went to China for...

We were on a plane headed to China! Yep, it's been that long aready. Liz and Brion, Wayne and I boarded a small little plane in Grand Rapids which would take us to the big BIG plane waiting for us in Chicago. Once in Chicago we decided to eat a bite at Quiznos and that's when I think my nerves really started. I remember walking towards the sign that said "Flight 851 to BEIJING"!!! It was really happenening! We were headed to China! Wow!

I will warn you...the next two weeks of posts will probably contain certain memories, pictures and writings from our trip. Each day that we are home, I am still amazed at Julia. Last night, she was upset that I beat her in Memory. I have to REALLY try to beat her, otherwise she'd kick my butt everytime!

Maybe if I get real ambitious I can figure out how to get some of our videos loaded. :-) We have some cute stuff of Julia talking into the play phone. She loves to watch it too!

This is the little girl I get to wake up every morning!