Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Poison Ivy, Interlochen and our Journey

Ok...so the poison ivy started a week or so ago and I didn't know that's what it was. It's now spread into something fierce and it's killing me. I got the doc to give me more prednisone, so hopefully that will help. Otherwise I'm headed to Florida looking like a lepper.

We took our usual Labor Day camping weekend to Interlochen. It went really well I think. We were talking about how life will change when Julia gets here, that grandma's camper might not be big enough for all 5 of us. I would love to have a camper of our own, hopefully we can make it happen. Cam had a great time with Max and Mackenzie again. They played baseball the whole time, along with Gameboys. Theresa and Tyler spent the weekend with us too. We shopped and had fun playing cards. I bought my first Buddha. He's black and holding a globe. I put him up in the living room. I think he looks great. I did buy Julia one outfit. Kristen picked it out at Sam's Club. It's a cute little twin set with pink twill pants. :-) I will post some new pictures of Cameron and Anna from this weekend once we get our new camera set up.

Speaking of Julia, no word on our brown envelope or a LID. Michelle said that Ming was going to ask about them today. I hope we know something soon. We now think it might not be till closer to December that we travel. Wayne is happy, he didn't want to miss Deer Season. He would hate to miss hunting. I'm sure he would be fine without it, but I know that it's important to him. Soooo....I don't think we'll have anymore adoption news till we either hear from Ming on the LID or get the brown envelope with all the paperwork that we need to complete once we get to China. Later!!