Saturday, September 29, 2007

Coach Wagner and the Sportsmanship Award

Today at Cameron's soccer game his regular coach had to leave early to go to work. So, that means that Assistant Coach Wagner (ahem, that's me!) had to take over the team for the last half. Needless to say I was a bit worried about my coaching skills. I moved a few kids around and let them try out some new positions and skills they've learned. Well, once the 4th quarter rolled around I moved my 3 best players into the forward positions. Not thinking about charging up the score, but merely letting my players play where they like to. One of the more "experienced" refs came over and asked if I really needed to do that. I was sort of lost. Well, we were winning 7-1. Guess there's no reason to do that. So I moved one of our best players back to defense for the last quarter. No biggie. Just a rookie coach mistake in my book.

After the kids did their handshakes with the other team, they sit with the refs and talk about who should get the "Best Sportsman" award for the game. In a weird twist, the head ref gave ME the award. I was shocked. I had no idea! He was very proud that I made that move and that I didn't try to run the score on the other team who is obviously not as skilled as us. YAY! I'm really proud of the way my players did today, especially the girls. Anyways, just wanted to share that. GO WAG'N COOP! (That's our team name!) LOL!