Saturday, November 19, 2005

Please add yourself to our map!!

I wanted to post our map again so people would know to check it out:

Please add yourself to the map. :-) Thanks!!

Flight Schedules--Part 2

So...we really didn't want to come home from China...Actually, our agency couldn't get us flights out with Liz and Brion on the 10th, so we are stuck in Guangzhou for an extra day. I'm really ok with it. We will get to hook up with the Baldwins and hopefully take a Pearl Rive cruise with them. I can't wait to meet their new daughter, Maddie. She is also 2 and a super cutie. We're hoping to get "red couch" pictures of Julia and Maddie together. It's an adoption custom to take pictures of the adopted children on the red couches at the White Swan hotel.

So what about the flight schedules? Here's the new plan:

Leave China at 9:20, arrive in Hong Kong, leave HK for San Francisco. We will have a 3 hour layover in San Francisco (boo!) and then we head to Chicago. We be in Chicago for a bit then it's finally home at least to Grand Rapids, at 9:12PM. Yes, 9:12 in the evening. Another BOOOO! I will be letting the school know that Cam and Anna will not be coming in on that Monday.

So, that's the latest news. We are hoping to get our intinerary on Monday and will have better details on the what/when/where we'll be when we are in China. :-)