Thursday, December 1, 2005

Our little walk

We had went for a walk earlier today (yesterday for us here in China). We took a small street right next to the hotel that has many street venders. This is also a street that leads into at least 2 schools. The kids seem to be upper elementary to maybe even junior high kids. Lots of great food on this street! Spicy noodles (Hey, Mark and Ann K.! We were told that we have a SPICY Hubei baby girl! Can't wait for our little spice girls to meet!!), all types of fruits, some pizza dough bread that was spicy flavored, doughnut rings (much like an elephant ear, but a ring covered in powered sugar...Aunt Theresa does that sound good?) and I saw a few big woks willed with fried rice. We know that Julia loves watermelon and grapes. These grapes are HUGE! She likes to peel the skin off with her teeth and then eat the flesh part. She also is very proficient in spitting the skin and seeds out.

The Brooks family and us had a great time checking out the shops along our street. We do get many looks as we are American couples with Chinese babies. Most of the kids just smile, some try out their english skills. Our walk then lead us up the main street that hotel is on. The sidewalk in under repair so we took a small side street and risk being hit by cars, bikes and scooters. We ended up at a 8 story shopping mall. 7th floor were kids clothes and toys. We made our way to shoes and Julia was right at home. Anna, Julia loves shoes as much as you!! Speaking of shoes...can someone measure Anna's feet for me and email me the size? I need the measurement in centimeters. Thanks! I posted a picture of Julia's new shoes. They squeek like a dog toy when she walks. She loves them!!

Well, it's nearly 6:00am here and I need to get moving. We are headed to the Hubei Provincial Museum today with Roselind. We have decided not to visit the orphanage. We feel (both us and the Brooks family) that the visit would be too hard on the kids. Director Lu is currently very busy with moving from the old SWI to the new one and we just think it's best not to go.

Have a great day/night! We miss you all and can't wait to get home!!

More grapes with Daddy Posted by Picasa

Has everyone had enough Julia pictures yet?? Posted by Picasa

Julia and Daddy sharing some HUGE grapes spitting the seeds in the trash Posted by Picasa

View from our hotel room Posted by Picasa

Anna, do you like Julia's new shoes?? She loves shoes just as much as you do!! See the little white dot near the heel? It's a squeeker. Her shoes make noise when she walks! Posted by Picasa

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Daddy and Julia taking a small afternoon nap after a major meltdown. Posted by Picasa