Sunday, October 2, 2005

Map of China

I'm posting a map of China, actually, I'm posting a map of Hubei. That's the province that Julia lives in. She is currently in the city of Xianning. She will be brought to us when we are in Wuhan. It's about 1.5 hour drive to get to there. Here's a little bit on Xianning.

Xianning, with an area of 9.853 square kilometers and a population of 2,696,100 is located at Central China. It neighbors Northern Jiangxi province on the east, adjoins Dongting Lake of Hunan province on the south, gaze at Jianghan Plain on the west and closes to Wuhan on the north. There are 2 cities, 4 counties and one tourist economic development zone under its jurisdiction. They are Chibi city, Xianan division, Tongcheng county, Jiayu county, Tongshan county, Chongyang county and Wenquan Tourist Economic Development Zone. There major traffic lines run through our city from north to south. They are Beijing-to-Guangzhou Railway line, No. 106 and No. 107 national highways, and the Yangtse River connects the east and west. So specially endowed with favourable conditions, Xianning is known as the southern Gate of Hubei Province.There are rich resources both above the earth and unearth in the region. Xianning is always famous for the beautiful names of the Hometown of Bamboo, the Hometown of Tea. Here, fine natural landscape and historical landscape are gathered. It is a green gem of Hubei province, with 41 percent of forest covering rate. Moreover, we have the Tomb of King Li, Chibi-the ancient battlefield of the Tree Kingdoms, Taiyi Cave, Chengshui Underground Defence Works, Jiugong Mountain Nature Preserve Area, Lushui Lake Tourist Vacationing Spot and Bamboo Sea.