Monday, March 24, 2008

I maybe be FRESH, but not cool!

After taking that quiz, Anna pointed out that I'm wearing my Teva's (sandals) with socks. I'm so not cool.

The Mom Quiz I took a test at and this was my results. Normally I don't do the quiz thing here on this blog, but since this is my family blog and it's about what kind of mom I am...I figured it was relative. :-) And my results? Oh so true!! Here's the link to the quiz:

What Makes You a Fresh Mom?

Melissa, you're fresh because you're a Champion Cheerleader

Whether you're driving your kids to soccer practice, music lessons, or just over to the park to play with a bunch of friends, you're a high-energy mom who's always on the go, go, go. You probably like being active — and so do your kids. Though sometimes you might feel like a shuttle service, it's worth it when you're standing on the sidelines cheering for your little ones (no matter how big they are).You know that there's more to life than school and playtime. And that some of the best learning comes from places other than classrooms and libraries. So whether they're winning or losing, having a performance of a lifetime, or experiencing a temporary loss, you're sure to be there with your contagious enthusiasm. And who wouldn't want a cheerleader like you around?