Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cooler heads and more thoughts

Today the weather matched my mood. It was rather gloomy here and a day full of rain. I've read, re-read and thought quite a bit about my post from last night. First, I realized that I really should be writing in Word. My spelling and grammar errors are horrible. Hahaha! But seriously...

I thought of changing my blog to private. Meaning that only the people that I choose can read it. Well, that defeats my purpose for continuing to write. Plus, I refuse to let the comments of one person change how I do things. There are a few people I let influence how I live my life or how I parent my children and frankly, it's not going to a person who doesn't know me personally. Part of me wants to let this whole thing go, and another wants me to figure out what drives a person to make deductions and judgements about someone they have never met in person (at least not that I'm aware of), has never met my kids, doesn't know anything about me and Wayne other than what I've posted here.

With that said, I'm opening the door. My friend Mik has often encouraged me do things that are uncomfortable for the sake of being a better person. (Much along the lines of WWJD.) To the person that left the comment, if you are still checking our blog (which I'm pretty sure you are as I can tell who has been here by my counter), I invite you to personally email me and maybe you can share your prospective and we can have a conversation that would clear up some of those issues you apparently have with me.

My email address is: :-)