Wednesday, September 10, 2008

As Autumn Moon Festival approaches....

Before each holiday that we celebrate with Julia (Chinese holidays that is... like Chinese New Year, Autumn Moon Festival, Dragonboat Festival...along with her finding date, her birthday, and our Forever Family aka Gotcha Day), I get a little sentimental. The moon festival starts on September 14th this year and we are going to have dinner with Jess and Tim. They are friends of ours who are in the process of paperchasing. (Liz! This doesn't mean we can't do something as well!! :-) )

Anyways, here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to China. Get ready for a stroll down memory lane!

This is Wayne, me, Liz, (Brion is taking the photo), our guide Tracy and our driver Mr. Something-I-Forgot. It was taken the last night we were in Beijing and the day before we were to get "the babies!"This is a sign that was in Tiananmen Square for the countdown of the Olympics...

One of FAVORITE round halls at the Temple of Heaven...we weren't actually allowed inside the Temple because they were making changes for the Olympics. Bummer.

Of course, this one needs no words...but....The Great Wall...of China!

This may have been my favorite part, the Marble Boat. My heart just jumped when I saw it. For whatever reason, I just loved this part of our trip.

Our first bottle together. She was so sad that night. My heart still hurts when I think of the pain that she must of felt. The pain her foster mom must have felt as well. I can only hope that my photos have made it back to Director Lu and the foster mom to see how Ju has changed and grown.
Our BFF (Best Friends Forever)...