Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cam's baseball game

Here are some pictures I took tonight at Cam's game. The kiddo that is pitching is Cam's cousin/close friend Mitchell. I thought it was a cool pic, so I added it. Also, there are 2 pictures of Julia. One is of her alone and the other is of her with Tyler (Theresa's fiance) and his sister Hope. Julia loves hangin out with Hope and Tyler. :-) It was cool to see them tonight.


Last night Anna went to Grandma and Poppa's after her t-ball game and so Cam who had spent the previous night at Mitchell's wanted to stay up and spend time with us. Ok. So, we were watching Supernanny. Which we typically don't do. I mean, we've seen the show, but it's not something I remember to watch. Well, last night was interesting to watch with our soon to be 10 y/o son.

Cam was FLOORED at how these kids were acting. They were horrible! Swearing, hitting, yelling and fighting, Cam was shocked. He kept saying, "Mom, me and Anna fight, but not like that. We aren't that bad, are we?" Wayne and I reaffirmed that he and Anna are NOT that bad, but we don't appreciate the fighting that does happen. The whole conversation open doors about what families need to do to get along. Heh. Maybe we need to watch network TV more often.

I'm very proud of Cameron and the decisions that he seems to be making. He knows who his friends are and when they act in ways that he knows are wrong, he typically doesn't participate. He knows what's expected of him and for the most part respects our choices for him and the girls. It's exciting to see your kids "get it". The kids attend Mason County Central (MCC) and they've turned that acronym into Making Correct Choices. We use that mantra around our house a lot. We're always asking the kids if they are making the correct choice. I think it's driving them batty, but it's a little reminder of what they've learned in school this past year.