Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Julia Renee YinGui!

So today is my baby’s 5th birthday. At first, I was bummed that I really didn’t know her “real” birthday. Then Liz pointed out that how do we know that today isn’t her real birthday? I’m sure that orphanage directors/workers have guessing birthdates of children down to a science, so maybe today IS her birthday. There are only 2 people that know for sure and neither of them is telling.

5 years ago, a baby was born to a family who was unsure of her future. I can’t begin to thank them enough for making a tough decision. Is thanking them the right word? Maybe not. I’m grateful to God for taking care of Julia while she worked her way to us. I’m grateful for her foster mom who taught her how to love and be loved. Wayne and I can’t begin to explain how we feel, how we feel towards Julia’s bio parents. Again, if I could have one wish…it would be to tell her parents that she is healthy, happy and SPOILED. LOL!

Today, I sent a photo album full of pictures to Liz. We’re going to send them on to a family who is traveling to Wuhan to adopt a baby boy from Xianning City. Julia’s city. Our hope is that the photos will make their way to the orphanage and to Isaac and Julia’s foster parents. We want them to see how the children they have cared for have grown into wonderful little people.

Pretty ironic that Julia wanted to go to China Buffet for her birthday dinner…or maybe not so ironic….