Monday, March 10, 2008

It's spring in Ludington...Dairy Queen as OPENED!

Hell on earth has arrived again in the form of ice cream. For my friends down south...our DQ closes from October to mid-March. I think the giant snowbanks have something to do with keeping the crowds down.'s now open and well, my love affair begins again. Me and Mr. Misty have a cherry-ice romance that's been going on since 1991. I love him, he doesn't make me fat, although he does stain my tongue red. Oh yeah...they're called "Artic Rush" now. Bah.

What I made for the LWB art auction

These 2 pairs of earrings are going to be auctioned as one set. I love the way the red tensha bead ones turned out. :-)

Here's another set. More tensha beads and lantern look-a-likes.

Here's the Chinese jacket pendant. I love these beads!!
This is the blue version. Pretty cool!!

Barbie sacrafice

So this is what I found on kitchen floor after taking Oliver for a walk. All the women have clothes, Ken does not. Interesting.


Julia: Daddy! (As if she's just figured out the secret to life!) Your HAIR is missing!!!!
Wayne: Where did it go?
Me: (laughing and snickering under my breath...)
Julia: I don't know! It not growed anymore.

Poor Wayne....