Wednesday, June 4, 2008

THE WINGS WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOHOOOO! The Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup!

Henrik the Hottie Zetterburg

My personal fave...Chris Osgood!

This might have been my proudest Mom moment so far

Cam had his first baseball game of the season last night. Top of the 3rd inning...he walks out to the pitcher's mound. EEEK! Cam is going to pitch? Yep! He is! I almost cried! He's wanted to pitch for so long and coach gave him the chance last night. He did great. Well, he did as good as any of the other kids (minus the star kiddo, Mitch, who happens to be a cousin of ours!). I was sooooooooo proud!! He also got on base each time at bat, with either a walk (2) or a hit (2). How cool!

After he got done pitching, Wayne and I both went up to him and told him how great he did and how proud we were of his attitude and sportsmanship. I told him I wanted to cry and he looked at me like, "Oh geez! Don't do it here in front of my teammates!!" ;-)

Sooooo...after our win, we went to DQ for a little ice cream celebration. YAY!