Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Mancino's Titans have won their first game!

Cameron decided in May that he wanted to play football. We encouraged him, seeing how he's got more of a football player's build than a soccer/baseball players body. Practices started back in August, 4 nights a week. Today was their first game. They played Mesick and WON. 27-19. Guess what...I FORGOT MY STINKIN CAMERA. LOL! Actually, we didn't think Cam would play because of his weight. Pop Warner has restricts and we didn't think that he would make it, but he DID! YAY! So here's a break down in a Mastcard-like commercial:

Football cleats, practice uniform and jock strap: $95 dollars on debit Mastercard
Sign up fee to play: $60 dollars from mom and dad's checkbook
Estimated gas spent on running Cameron to practice: $70 dollars
Number of hours Wayne or I has spent watching Cam practice: 38
Seeing the smile on Cam's face after winning today: PRICELESS

So, yeah...we're all happy. Cameron's coach was just tickled. He's a former college star player and he's AWESOME! Cam thinks he's just it. We couldn't ask for a better coach. :-)

Next game: Saturday September 13th, in Scottville and I think it's 1:30....I'll let you know!