Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What does Harry Potter have to do with China?

Well, nothing really...although there is an Chinese girl in the new movie. :-) Wayne took me to see the movie tonight! I'm a super huge HP the the movies. I had to see the new movie before we left for China. There's no other way to see those kind of movies except for in a theatre. came to the site wanting to know more about our trip. Well, we are in the process of packing, repacking and weighting our luggage. We are allowed one checked piece and one carry-on per person on the in China flights, so that's we are hoping to accomplish. Our one checked piece can only be 44 lbs. Ever try to pack for a 2 week trip to a foreign country taking gifts, new clothes, diapers, wipes for a 2 year old? Good luck!! It's not going all that well. I'm a compulsive over-packer. I like to be prepared for anything. It's hard to know what to take and what you can buy in China. Blah!!! Guess I really don't need 3 pairs of shoes...

We are now 2 days (well technically 3) away from leaving...It's almost surreal. We are less than 58 hours away from the most life changing event. How can this be happening?? We started this journey back in late we are 8 1/2 months later bringing a new daughter into our lives. I will say that these past 8 months have been easier in some ways, harder in others than a real pregnancy. Physically, it's way easier although I have gained almost 10 pounds. Hahaha! Emotionally, it's harder knowing that your child is thousands of miles away and has no idea that her world is about to change forever. Wayne and I have never questioned our decision to adopt Julia. From the night that we told Mary Zoet that we wanted to put Julia on hold, we never looked back. Everything about this has just felt right. Liz and Brion (the family that we will be traveling with) made a statement in their journal that says: "is adopting a child at our age crazy or a calling? I think the answer is "both" ". Well, our age isn't in question, but we do feel as though it was a calling for us and a little bit of craziness. :-)

Thanks again to all our friends and family that have supported us (especially, my parents, grandparents, my sisters, Uncle Eric and Aunt Shell, Aunt Cheryl...). To all my cyber friends in the Late August DTC group and the WCC group, you are the BESTEST!!! You all made our wait so much more bearable. I can't wait to share with Julia and Anna the stories of tutus, how shopping in Target brings on TA's, how Sharon M.'s camper is now my shrine, and the wonderful friendships that I have formed with some of the most amazing women. Wayne and I know that without your love and guidance we may have not made it through with our senses of humor intact. :-) I truly am blessed by what you have all done for us.

Ok...I need to get some sleep. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I will try to update again before we leave. G'Night!