Monday, October 20, 2008

Oops...almost forgot

So the pics I posted below are of Julia's b-day at Chuck E Cheese's. We had a great time! Jay (The Danielson's son) was a little wild man and Julia had a fun time following him. My friend Jaime and his twins were there with us too. River and Finley are just adorable and Julia loves to hang out with them too. Jaime and I grew up together, our dads work together and now our kids are having fun playing.

The last photos are of Cam's last game with his coaches. Hard to believe it's all over, but Cam had a great time and we hope that he will be able to play next year. :-)

Ju's b-day and Cam's last game

Ju and Jay
Wayne and Cam
Finley and Julia
Anna and Jay (again!)

Ju and Chuck E. Cheese
Julia on the ride
Jaime, Julia and River
Coach talking it up at the last game
Coach Karl, Cameron, Coach Wiese and Autumn