Sunday, January 20, 2008

Moms & Music

So I posted those pictures yesterday and I started to think. There are some very distinct things that remind me of my mom. For my first 6 years, it was just her and I. I loved having her all to myself. Guess that's where I started to get spoiled. :-) I remember going to the beach a lot. Getting to stop for ice cream on the way home was a huge treat. I also remember getting to go to college with her on some days, I loved that! One of the other things that I remember really well is listening to Carly Simon. No on matter where I am, the grocery store, in the car, listening to my iPod...if I hear a Carly Simon song, I think of my mom. Funny thing, is I'm not sure she really liked her. :-) Diana Ross and the Supremes is the other one. I really liked her too, however, I am fairly certain mom liked her a lot. For some reason, I have a huge love for James Taylor. I'm guessing he was on the radio one or two times when I was little and it stuck. Now if you stop over to my parents house and catch my mom listening to music, it's usually Nickleback or Toby Keith! LOL!

This brings me to what my kids will remember about what listening to radio or music with me. Cam already thinks that Wayne only listens to Survivor, The Outfield, Night Ranger...classic 80's. He knows that mom likes a lot of stuff. Anything from MercyMe and Chris Tomlin to Saves The Day and Keane, to ELO and Peter Frampton (ugh...I hate that he's in the Geico ad!) to Depeche Mode and Madonna. My music tastes are all over the board. I hope the kids pick out some decent stuff to remember me by. But, I have a feeling the kids won't be fighting over my BeeGee's CDs when I'm gone. LOL!