Monday, October 17, 2005

~Snoppy Dance, Day#2~ (10/14/05)

Just when we conceded that we were not getting the "Brown Envelope" it came. Yes, it fricken A came!!! :-) I walked out to get the mail like any other Friday. Nothing special. I started going though everything we got, Christmas catalogs, bills, postcards to a few parties. Then, there it was...I could hardly believe my eyes. OOOHHH!! Ok, so what's so special about this brown envelope? Not a damn thing to be honest. It's just paperwork that we will need for our consulate appointment. Yep, just paperwork. No more info on Julia, no more info about when we will travel. Just something to help with the waiting process.

The second part of the Snoopy Dance Day was that we sent our applications in for our visas. We are using a courier to go to the Chinese consulate in Chicago and apply for us. YAY! I'm so hoping that we can get the 6 month visas like Denise mentioned that we could.

Finally, the third part of this 2 day late post...the 14th was Julia's birthday. I'm bummed that we missed it, but all the women on the late august DTC group wished us many happy more birthdays once Julia is home. :-) Happy Belated Birthday babygirl!! Momma and Daddy can't wait to see you! Big sister Anna is so excited and so is Big brother Cameron. :-)