Wednesday, October 5, 2005

From itchy mom to itchy dogs/Letter translation

Well, the run on poison ivy is over, but now...the dogs have FLEAS. Oh lord, will it ever end?? So far Riley seems to be the bad one. Her longer hair gives them a better place to live; where as with Sherman, his short hair isn't a flea's cup of tea. :-)

No real news on the adoption front. I bid on some really cool stickers for the scrapbook we are working on for Director Lu. I've been talking to a nice woman whose son is from Xianning. She has nothing but really great things to say about Lu. YAY! I feel better about Julia being in his care as each day goes. I wrote a letter to the foster parents and had it translated into Chinese for them. It cost $50.00 but well worth the money. I wanted them to know how much we appreciate the job they have done and what they will continue to mean in Julia's life.

Ok..time to read some more Mercer Mayer books to Anna. She loves Little Critter books. Later!