Monday, April 23, 2007

Julia and her little ear

I’ve been reading old posts about our trip to China and about Julia’s transition into our family. I still can’t believe how all this has turned out. I’m sure I’ve said that enough times to make my regular readers sick, but it’s the truth. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t look at Julia with a sense of wonderment. She’s an amazing little girl.

I caught her checking out her microtic ear in the van the other day. Remember that Julia has atresia and microtia. She has a deformed ear and is missing an ear canal. I’ve had plenty of people comment that she’s so normal. Well, believe it or not, most special needs kids ARE normal. :-) Ok, Ok, I’m a little defensive when it comes to the whole traditional program vs. waiting child program. I can’t help it. ANYWAYS!! We (Julia and I) had a talk about her ear and why she was born with it. I told her that God made her special that way. Cameron needs to wear glasses, Anna needs to wear hearing aids and she has her “little ear”. I also told her that God doesn’t make mistakes. After all this, Julia says, “I like my little ear. It cute!” Yes, it is cute. This is the type of dialog that leads me to not reconstructing her ear. Maybe once she’s older and want to have something done; then yes, I will concede and we will look into it. Part of her identity is her ear. She will hide it from the kids at school some times and on other occasions she will walk around showing off “her little ear” like it’s a trophy.

I’ll post some new pictures of her ear later this week. :-) Have a great night. Cheers!