Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a picture says a MILLION words

This is a picture I don't think I posted when we were in China. After being interviewed for an article for our local paper about "Going Global" (people who have made a difference in a global way, and ours is about Julia's adoption), I thought of this photo. I don't even remember Brion taking the picture of Wayne and I. We had just been handed Julia's photo album that contained her earliest pictures and many nice little poems. I recall being so emotional and very upset that my newest daughter only has 8 or so "baby pictures" of her life before us. Wayne looks just like a hopeful new dad, so proud of what's going on. I'm so grateful to Brion for snapping this photo off when he did. I think it captures the true emotions of adoption and how different moms and dads can be.

You could ask me anything about that day and I can remember it exactly. Meeting Julia for the first time at the civil affairs building was like being in the delivery room for Cam and Anna. But with more people and another family in our same room. It was nice only having one other family to share that experience with. Liz and Brion have really become life-long friends that I can't imagine being without. Brion was the adventerous one, trying new foods, walking and checking out everything. Liz and I joke that we can't think of what it would be like to adopt again without the other couple there. Guess we're going to have to adopt again at the same time!! LOL!

This is the day I get for bragging about yesterday being a great day...

1. Didn't get to sleep til nearly 1:00am (my own fault, was reading a new book and couldn't stop!)
2. Had some very horrible dreams and images that made it impossible to get back to sleep
3. Oliver whined and howled from 2:30-4:30am
4. Overslept til 7:05 meaning I would have to take the kids into school
5. Found the reason Oliver was whining...he pooped in his crate (but had earlier refused to go outside when I let him out at 2:30 & 3:30am...go figure!)
6. Needed to give the puppy a bath after returning from dropping the kids off at school