Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anna rides!!

So, I have this daughter...named Anna. She's a wild one. Here she is riding Cam's quad, going slower than she normally does. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm going to make it through when she becomes a teenager. I have visions of her becoming this tattoo'ed, high heel wearin', rock-n-roll singin' hot momma. But you know, as long as she's happy and doesn't live at my house when she's 25, I'm good with it. LOL!

Anna and her new....BRACES

Due to 8.5 years of thumb-sucking (and add a few more months because I truly believe Anna was a thumb-sucker in the womb), Anna needed braces. On Tuesday, she got the 1st installment. She has 4 brackets on her top front teeth. They want to get everything straightened out and make more room for her adult teeth. I love Dr. Peterson, he's very patient and kind. He's gentle with Anna and she's thrilled to know her teeth will be fixed some day. :-)