Monday, May 23, 2005

Updates! I've taken some time off to regroup before posting a new message. First, Michelle emailed us on Friday to let us know that she WILL be travelling to where Yin is at. Can I get a big WOOOHHHOOOO???!!! We are beyond excited about that. Michelle offered to take some items over for us. I rounded up some pictures of our family, our home and our extended family to add to our photo album. I'm hoping to get a blanket over there to her, but I understand if Michelle doesn't have the suitcase space to take it. It will just have to wait till we get to travel in November. Slowly but surely this is all coming together. We will meet with MaryBeth on Wednesday for the homevist. Michelle mentioned that she already has our letter of intent, our nurture and care plan, and the agency recommendation headed to the translator to send to CCAA for pre-approval. It seems we are headed on a highway at 80 mph to get Yin home to Michigan...Oh, that's a GOOD thing by the way. :-) Friday also consisted of applying for our passports, getting background checks and talking to Beth (Stenzel) about getting a reference for the homestudy. She agreed (YAY! I did have to agree to attend a pampered chef party. Haha. A girl can never have enough pizza stones or good kitchen tools!!) We needed to have a teacher or admin person write a letter on our behalf about our qualifications for parenting another child, a child with special needs, and how our own children are going to react to the addition of another child. Without a doubt, I'm sure that it will all go smoothly.

We spoke with Michelle Schoon at the kids soccer games Saturday. Michelle and her husband adopted their daugher Ellie from China about 2 years ago. She's adorable! I'm sure people will think that of our Yin as well. Michelle was very positive and supportive, I look forward to having more conversations with her about their adoption process and how their family is now.

Wayne and I went to Muskegon today and bought 3 of our 4 required reading books. I couldn't find the "eyes wide open" workbook. I do think that MaryBeth said that we could get that at their office. I'm almost half way done with The Lost Daughters of China. It's been a great book, and I now see why they recommend that new adoptive parents read it. (Hey..Auntie Cheryl, when you come home I'll let you take it back with will explain more of the situation in China than I ever could.) I'm excited to get reading...although..I'm not sure