Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Oops! I forgot to post this!

Deep breath..inhale...We celebrated our last Christmas party last night. Wagner family Christmas was at sister Sue’s this year and well, it was wonderful. Wayne and I had both dreaded what could be a tough get together since is the first holiday with Grandpa George (aka Peach). Much to our surprise, to was a great time...No crying, no fighting, no arguing. Not that we really thought that would happen, but feelings are close to the surface and we are all still out of sorts.

Julia once again had a stellar performance. She was a miracle. I still can’t believe she’s only been with us a month. I do think that she has some Grandpa George in her. She was laughing and smiling at everyone, loving the attention of all her older cousins and just having a grand time getting to know everyone. Wayne and I are beyond words at her transition. We could have never guessed that she would adapt this well. Julia loved playing with Madison. They are just about a year apart and loved chasing each other around. Sharon and I joked that we each have 3 kids and they are all about the same ages. Cam and Mitch are the same age, both 8 years old, and 9.5 weeks apart. Then comes Sydney who was 6 in April and then Anna who was 5 in March. Then they added Maddie who turned 3 in November and we now have Julia who is 2 as of October. Neither of us have intentions of having number 4's!!

I don’t think that I ever saw Cameron all day. As long as the boys had batteries and chargers for their GameBoys, they were quiet. The "boys" consist of Max, age 10; Cameron age 8; Adam age 8; Mitchell age 8; MacKenzie age 7and I could add Matthew who is 3 but he’s not allowed in "game room" where the bigger boys play video games. All the boys play so well together. It makes my job as mom that much easier. :-) Same thing with Anna. She played with Syd, Maddie and Julia all day. Only time I saw her is when she wanted a drink of water or needed dry undies. Julia is flitted all over. She loves her Uncle Jeff. He was the first family member to get to hold her when we got back to Michigan. Uncle Jeff reminds me of Grandpa George, so it’s great to see Julia loving every minute of his company.

I hope that you enjoy our goofy family photos. As you can see we had a great time! Have a happy new year! (I’m not sure our 2006 can be better than our 2005...)