Friday, February 8, 2008

What makes me a good mom, according to Anna

Anna is home today with "the diarrhea's". I'm busy with something else and I hear a faint cry from the bathroom. This is what takes place next:

Anna: Mommy! Moooommmyyy!! Mom? Mommy? Momma! Motherrrrrr!!!
Me: Yes? Are you ok? What's wrong? (As I come running from the other room!!)
Anna: I need help wiping my butt.
Me: You do? You sure you can't do it?
Anna: Mommy, I'm sick with the diarrhea's remember?
Me: How could I forget? (I get the toilet paper, start the terrible task at hand)
Anna: Momma, I love you for taking care of me when I'm sick. You're a good mom.
Me: I love you too. This is what moms do...we take care of our kids when they need us.
Anna: Mom, you're the best. I hope I can be a mom like you.
Me: I'm sure you will, kiddo. :-)

This is where we exchange hugs and wash our hands together. She then tells me that she likes the lemon scented soap that I got. It's from the Pass Christian Soap Company for Katrina relief. We dry our hands and she skips out of the bathroom and out to the couch.