Friday, December 9, 2005

Zoo pictures and dinner with Wayne (our guide)

First, I need to thank Brion for the pictures for today's journal. I forgot (again!) to put the memory stick back in the camera after downloading yesterday's pictures. So...THANKS BRION!

Wayne met us in the lobby and we headed to the Guangzhou zoo. It was really nice. The animals didn't seem too neurotic. Most were in simple cages, nothing like a real habitat. But none the less, Julia and Isaac had fun. We came back to the hotel and rested till it was time to go to our consulate appointment. I was rather shocked at the "ceremony". We went through security, had our passports checked and then went to a room with many other adoptive families. After a bit of a wait, some dude comes out and says a few words and then that's it. WOW! How lackluster. I was expecting something much more.

Wayne took us to an authentic Cantonese restaurant. I loved everything! Aunt Pam, this is the place to be for people that don't eat meat. It was by far our best meal in China. Julia loved the seafood scrambed eggs and the seafood rice. Mmmmmm!!

Ok...enough typing again for tonight. Tomorrow I post our last journal entry from China. I can't believe it almost over!!!

Here we are in front of an elephant made of a flowery bush Posted by Picasa

More of the same flowers...I thought they were super cool! Posted by Picasa

Aunt you know what this flower is?? Posted by Picasa

Elephant!! Posted by Picasa

a zoo worker getting ready to feed the birds Posted by Picasa

black swans and one white swan at the zoo Posted by Picasa

Our cuties checking out the monkees at the zoo today Posted by Picasa

Map of animals that are from China Posted by Picasa