Wednesday, June 7, 2006

New shirt and white feet

I wanted to post a few pictures of Julia wearing her new shirt. Forever Family is just a huge statement and I love this shirt. I also posted a picture of Wayne's feet. Poor guy...he's got some good tan lines going already!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Kate...Cam says he will make sure that you get to see the his trophy some time. He also wanted make sure you say hi to that "really tall guy"...I'm thinking that would Anthony. :-)

Many hugs!!

Julia being happy to wear her "Forever Family" shirt. I got this from a super friendly woman on Ebay. Here's the link:
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Think Julia has picked up any bad habits from her siblings?? Posted by Picasa

Julia looking excited! Posted by Picasa

Wayne's feet after being outside all day with shoes and socks on. LOL Posted by Picasa