Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gooood News....

Let's start with the news from Brian Stuy. He found Julia's "finding ad". YAY!! We are waiting to get that emailed to us. I'm super D-dooper excited about what may or may not be in that info. Prolly not much more that what we already know, but I'm still glad to have that information non the less. It cost $30.00 to get the info. A small price to pay for what we feel is our daughter's "birth announcement".

Next item: We sent Wayne's employer reference letter to Louisiana to get sealed (authenicated). That went well except that I forgot to send the stinkin money order with it and ended up having to Fed-Ex that the next day. Grrr....Mind don't fail me now!! I need all the help I can get in this process. We are now waiting (still) on MaryBeth's homestudy. I'm still holding on to hope that we can get this all wrapped up by the end of July. Keep the prayers going and the fingers crossed.

I'm starting to get anxious like all the other parents on the WCC list. I didn't think I would, but I just want to get Julia home. I bought some collapsable luggage today at Meijer's. It was on clearance for $25.00. I saved $35.00?? At least that's what my receipt said. There are 2 pieces, one is an 18 inch and the other is a 24 inch. I'm not sure I've got it figured out as to what exact luggage we are taking but I'm sure Wayne will figure that out for me. :-) Wayne is doing really well with all this. I think he's more excited than he lets on. We have a great time talking about all the cool stuff that we are going to see in China, all the great food we are going to eat. I looked at these really cute shoes for Julia online today. Here's a link to the pair I like the best:

That's a super long link, but it will take you right to the pair that Anna and I like. I've bid on a pair of these shoes at Ebay for like half the price. They aren't the same ones, but they are just like them but have tulips on it.

OK...time to get some dinner around. I also need to get going on all the food we'll need for the 4th. I've got to get the brownies made for Aunt Colleen's party. Mental note to self: DO NOT USE THE GLASS PAN FOR BAKING. The brownies last year were too doughy. Anyways...I'm off!! G'night!