Monday, July 28, 2008


Isaac and Julia December 2005 in Guangzhou at the White Swan hotel and today....

Indian River Wrap-Up and Visiting the Brooks

Jess and Kristen reading and looking way too cool!
Cam, Wayne, Anna and Kenzie enjoying the pool.
Me and Shelly...MINUS the thighs. :-)
Julia hanging out.
Waynie and Me
Anna's feet?

Isaac and Julia
Dr. Julia Wagner and her rocks (Hey Dr. Kerr, she's following after you!)
Cam being sandy.
Julia taking a picture of me at the beach today.
Julia and Isaac

So, let's wrap up our week long vacation to Indian River. We all had a great time! The kids were pretty good, Wayne and I didn't fight (although I did call him a few names, does that count?) and the dogs were pretty well behaved as well. My brother in law Jeff wants to go for 10 days next week. YAY! What a blast that will be. I guess we have plans to go to the same campground. I really liked it there. Thanks Nancy and Don for the great experience at Indian River RV Resort we all had a wonderful time.
About today....we went to Orchard Park State Park in Manistee to visit the Brooks family. As many of you recall, they are the family that we traveled to China with and their son Isaac is from the same orphanage as Julia. Isaac is actually one day younger that Julia too. How cool?! Anyways, today the kids played at beach and enjoyed seeing each other again. Of course Liz and I talked of our next adoption trips. :-) Maybe we'll end up in Ethiopia together. I'd love to travel to Africa. Although a China trip wouldn't be too bad either!!
Well, back to watching SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel. :-) Have a great night!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just pictures

Sissy and Me when she stopped on her way back to Minnesota
The Hayride
Anna's afternoon position
Ju at the beach at Burt Lake State Park
Me and Chang
More Ju, on the river this time
Cam, the paddler
Me and Wayne

Our group
A bigger shot of the rafters
Lori and Tracy

Uncle Bruce in the kayak
Julia and Benjamin
Our clan
Anna Elizabeth
Anna and Ju after the beach

Max, Mackenzie, and Cam
Kathy, Gabby and Greg getting a little wild with the pinata pieces
Kristen and Julia
The men by the jet-ski