Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yes, I am a slacker!

Sometimes I wish I had someone else to type for me. I don't mind telling the stories, but I hate typing.

So...where to start? I'm sure most of you figured out the pictures that were posted on July 5th were photos from our holiday weekend. We had a great time with Wayne's family. We spent most of the time at John and Cindy's seeing how we were camping in the backyard. The kids loved having the pool and all their cousins to play with.

We've been having a super busy summer with lots of activities and get togethers. We met up with the Brooks family. You might remember them from our adoption trip to China. Liz and Brion adopted a little boy from the same orphanage as Julia. In fact, Julia's birthday is one day before Isaac's. They are still about the same height and weight. Julia might weigh just a little more than Isaac, but he had surgery earlier this year to repair his cleft palete. It's amazing how they remember each other. I wish I knew how much they saw of each other before the adoptions. Maybe they will be able to tell us when they are older. were waiting to tell you about the cat bites? Well....long story short is that the neighbors to the south had kittens that wouldn't leave the yard and as I was collecting them to return them home, I started to get bitten. Well, I got nasty and mean and said some not so nice words to the neighbors. Not sure if we will talk with them again. Once the animal control got word of it, they said they had to put the kittens down. Sad. However, I'm still mad at the neighbors for not taking care of their pets. They seem to have cats and dogs just show up and disappear as quickly. I know that Riley and Sherman tend to roam, but they would never bite anyone or prevent someone from leaving their driveways (which is what the kittens were doing, it was either hit them (yuck) or try to round them up...still not sure I made the right choice to try to pick them up!).


We are headed to Mackinaw (Mackinac) for a week of camping soon. I will be taking my laptop to load pictures, just not sure if I will have I-net access. A week with no internet...that's just scary!

Take care and many hugs!