Friday, July 1, 2005

We want to buy shares in Fed-Ex

I'm getting ready to send Wayne's employer letter to the Chinese consulate in Houston. YAY! Yet another piece of the puzzle that needs to be complete before we can bring Julia home. So, we need to get to the bank and get a money order for $25.00 for the processing and paperwork that goes with it. This letter was gone from Lousiana to Michigan, back to Louisiana, now to Houston, it will come back to Michigan, then on to China once this is all said and done. Hard to believe it will still be in one piece by that time. :-)

We are taking Anna to the doctor today. She has a lump under her right breast. I'm hoping that it's nothing, maybe a fatty tumor at worst case. I'm sure it's nothing, but we still need to know. I will keep you up on what's going on with that. Alrighty, I'm off. Later!!