Friday, August 15, 2008

18 Days...

Till my nest is empty. Julia heads off to 5 day/all day Kindergarten, Anna will be in 3rd grade and Cam will be in 5th. Sigh. Just what is a career stay at home mom to do? My first thought was to sit and eat bon-bons and watch soaps all day. LOL! Well, that's no good. I gave away all my plus size clothes! Wayne would like to see me get a job. I'm not sure about that one either. Going to work would be a good thing, but I refuse to get a job just to have a job. I want a job that means something to me, it's something I enjoy and it helps others. (Good luck, right?!) My nest was empty one other time...only for about 3 months though...right before Julia came home from China! So to all my adoption group friends, doesn't an empty nest mean it's time to adopt again? :-) LOL! You can email Wayne at to send your thoughts on that. Muuhahahahhaa..... (Dawn, Tonni and Karen! I need your help on this one!!)

Love you guys!