Friday, August 15, 2008

18 Days...

Till my nest is empty. Julia heads off to 5 day/all day Kindergarten, Anna will be in 3rd grade and Cam will be in 5th. Sigh. Just what is a career stay at home mom to do? My first thought was to sit and eat bon-bons and watch soaps all day. LOL! Well, that's no good. I gave away all my plus size clothes! Wayne would like to see me get a job. I'm not sure about that one either. Going to work would be a good thing, but I refuse to get a job just to have a job. I want a job that means something to me, it's something I enjoy and it helps others. (Good luck, right?!) My nest was empty one other time...only for about 3 months though...right before Julia came home from China! So to all my adoption group friends, doesn't an empty nest mean it's time to adopt again? :-) LOL! You can email Wayne at to send your thoughts on that. Muuhahahahhaa..... (Dawn, Tonni and Karen! I need your help on this one!!)

Love you guys!


michelle soneral said...

Maybe I can have you do the running and calling for our adoption since I can't seem to talk to anyone on my lunch and they always call back while I am in the middle of a loan closing or looking at a lobby full of people!

Dawn said...

Oh girl let me at know I have all the best reasons, (err excuses)going!!!

How many kids do you want? Boys, girls, twins??? mwuaaahhahahahaha

As for the job, could you pick up something in the SN area of the school district? I know in IL its not that easy but maybe MI isn't as strict. That way you would be on the same schedule as the kids but be able to make a difference to another child.....AND save money for that next adoption!