Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just thinking....

While sitting on the couch eating BBQ potato chips with Julia I thought about a few things.

1. She is a constant reminder of what being a toddler is all about. She loves to laugh, giggle, scream, cry and run around with her brother and sister just as though she's been here her whole life.

2. Julia continues to amaze me with her knowledge of English. She's a little parrot. She mimics everything we say (good and bad!). She's polite; using pleases and thank you's, says excuse me after she burps or toots and reminds all of us to do so too.

3. Cameron and Anna have totally adjusted to having a baby sister that drives them crazy. I thought they might have issues, but here we are 7 months later and once again, it's as though Julia was born into this craziness.

4. Wayne and I have adjusted to life with 3 kids. I look at a few of the families in Wayne's extended group like the Johnson's and the VanDyke's. They each had 8 kids. If Rita and Bev are still sane raising all those kids, than we should be able to handle our 3 (4 if I get my way...I'm not implying anything, just saying I would like one more!)

5. Julia has a huge memory of life in China and of her foster family. We can look at pictures of our trip or at books and she knows that it's China. She talks about missing her foster mom and foster sister. It's heartbreaking to hear her say that she misses her "China Momma". She also knows that she has 3 Mommas. One China Momma that she grew in, one Momma that took care of her until she was adopted and then me. She will say, "Ai China Momma" (love China Momma) and then say "Ai Momma" and give me a hug and kiss. She knows the difference. We want her to know about her Chinese mothers and how important they were in bringing her up.

6. She is a clean freak! Wayne is thrilled. He loves the fact that she likes to wash tables and fold laundry. Me on the other hand knows how sad it is that she knows how to do these things at age 2. Cam and Anna still don't wipe tables or fold clothes. LOL!

So, there's a little run down and where we are and what's going on. Sorry there are no pictures, just some of Momma's ramblings. Many hugs!