Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cameron being all excited about the state park! Posted by Picasa

Momma and Cameron at the park Posted by Picasa

Part of the family out to Ludington State Park Posted by Picasa

A another view of the bites on my arm from the cats Posted by Picasa

The bites on my arm from the cats next door Posted by Picasa

The kids being goofy while waiting for the ride to start Posted by Picasa

Julia and Anna  Posted by Picasa

The Termite Bridge! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Pammy, Anna and Aunt Cherrie waiting for the ride to start! Posted by Picasa

a view of Lake Michigan from the dunes Posted by Picasa

The "Ghost" tree root. Can you see the eyes and mouth near the top?? Posted by Picasa

Mark and Poppa talking "business" during the ride Posted by Picasa

Julia not sure that she likes the sand or the wind Posted by Picasa

Aunt Cheryl and Anna at the beach Posted by Picasa

view of Silver Lake from the top of the dunes Posted by Picasa

Family picture at Lake Michigan while taking a dune ride. In front is Jacob, Cameron and Anna. Back row is Marko, Samantha, Aunt Pam, Julia, Grammy, Aunt Cheryl, Poppa and me. Posted by Picasa

Me and Samantha on the dune ride Posted by Picasa

A new "couch" picture of Julia and Isaac. They had their pictures taken on the red couch at the White Swan hotel in Guangzhou back in December. Posted by Picasa

Cameron having a great time at the lake Posted by Picasa

Julia having a great time swimming on Big Star Lake near Baldwin Posted by Picasa

Isaac...the swimmer! Posted by Picasa

Isaac and the ice cream Posted by Picasa

Rachel and Hannah enjoying their desserts at the cottage Posted by Picasa

Anna giving Isaac a ride  Posted by Picasa

Anna and Julia playing horse while visiting with the Brooks family Posted by Picasa