Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-day parties and more snow

Anna and her friend Jordanna

The by 2nd grade boys

Anna and her valentines

Cam and his cards
Cam and Liam and the KOOL-AID mustaches

Snow...even higher in front of the door

Without flash

With flash
Riley is looking at Oliver like, "What a maroon...there's nothing there but SNOW!"

More snow in front of the door

Julia's picture of me as she sat on the toilet (don't ask!)
Julia's foot...Dawn, how many of these shots do you have? LOL!

Another day that Hallmark gets rich

I'm fairly cynical over the big V-day anymore. I used to think that it was all romantic and kiss-kiss, mush-mush. I have since learned in my old age that a $5.00 card and an overpriced bouquet of my favorite flowers don't make up for all the other days of the year. Yeah, getting gifts are nice, but with 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 car payments...who needs to spend $50 on flowers that will die? LOL!

When I was in junior/high school, the cheerleaders used to sell carnations and then you could have them delivered to whomever you wanted. Well, me and a few friends always had crushes on the basketball players and always sent them carnations. My freshman year it all changed. I sent one to the guy I had a crush on that year, Pete. I just happened to be in the hallway when Pete got his flower from me. He came over and said, "Wow, that was really sweet of you Melissa." STOP! He knew my name? Whoa. (Ok...Pentwater Public School had a total of 300 students K-12th grades. Average grade had 25/30 kids...small town...) Anyways...after I return from my shock that Pete knew me, he asked if I was going to the basketball game that night (DUH! Where else would I be...I never missed a chance to see Pete in shorty shorts!) and I told him yeah, I was. He told me to wait for him after the game. (ACK! I've died and gone to heaven at that point!). I said I would and I had to walk away because I was sooo red and so nervous that I wasn't sure I could even form sentences at that time. The game ends, I'm stalling to see Pete afterwards, my dad is getting mad because he wants to leave. Pete comes out of the locker room, all fresh and clean, and hands me a card. Yep. A card. It's a little Valentine's day card that thanked me for my flower that I had sent him and that he appreciated all the cheering I did for him during basketball and baseball seasons. :-) (And I didn't think that guys noticed that stuff!). I'm fairly certain that I went to bed that night with a HUGE smile on my face not wanting that moment to end.