Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-day parties and more snow

Anna and her friend Jordanna

The by 2nd grade boys

Anna and her valentines

Cam and his cards
Cam and Liam and the KOOL-AID mustaches

Snow...even higher in front of the door

Without flash

With flash
Riley is looking at Oliver like, "What a maroon...there's nothing there but SNOW!"

More snow in front of the door

Julia's picture of me as she sat on the toilet (don't ask!)
Julia's foot...Dawn, how many of these shots do you have? LOL!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Fun pictures!!! Our little bit of snow and ice is almost gone. I cannot believe how much you all have!!

Dawn said...

Oh girl, I should have sent that end loader up your way....good gracious!!!! We are calling for a "snow event" Sunday, that doesn't sound good, I sure hope its nothing like what you've gotten!!!!!!!

Great photos by the way, and thank you so much for including the foot one for me, they are my favorites!!!

Aunt Cheryl said...

You can send me all the foot pictures you want. I love them! Remember how the kids use to video tape Grams toilet flushing. Look out yours will be doing that soon (ha-ha). Looks like the kids had nice parties. Didn't Julia's have a party? Miss you all, but not the snow.