Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sometimes losing the battle isn't so bad

Where to start...For those of you that know us, you know we like to ride snowmobiles. Living in Michigan, we have to have some winter sports or otherwise we'd all be nut cases from staying inside so much. Can't say that snowmobiling is my favorite thing to do, but the kids seem to really enjoy it and I know Wayne loves it, so I do it. In the past few years, the kids have grown and it's made riding more of a chore. We have 2 station wagon 2-up and Wayne's hot rod 600. Well, momma was getting the crap end of the stick and having to take 2 kids on the station wagon. It's tough! Cameron was growing too big to ride with Wayne and so below are the results of what the boys bought today.

Cameron has wanted a sled, Wayne has wanted to get another sled, I was dragging my feet. I could find 1500 ways to spend $1500 dollars. However, after seeing the smile on Cam's face, it's all worth it AND it will make riding for me more enjoyable as Wayne can take one of the girls and I will only have one with me. So now our sled total is 3. All Polaris. Woohooo! Bring on the snow!


So while checking out the dashboard part of my blog, my friend Liam's blog came up. He has a picture of the cover of Time magazine posted. Here's the conversation I had with Julia:

Julia: Hey! I know that guy.
Me: Who?
Julia points to the magazine cover.
Me: You know who that is?
Julia: Yeah, it's Barack Obama.
Me: You're right. Cool.
Julia: Duh...he's the President of the WORLDDDDD!!

Way too cute!!