Sunday, March 12, 2006

I love rice and chicken! Posted by Picasa

My pirate girl, AAARRGGHHH Posted by Picasa

Anna posing for the camera Posted by Picasa frosting! Posted by Picasa

Mmmmm, I love cupcakes! Posted by Picasa

Cameron enjoying dinner Posted by Picasa

Julia fell asleep waiting to get ready to leave Posted by Picasa

The new van! Oh and Anna! Posted by Picasa

Anna inside the new van Posted by Picasa

Anna before the game, showing off how much our snow has melted. It was 67 degrees in Muskegon last night! Posted by Picasa

Anna and the sleepy girl Posted by Picasa

Anna waiting for the game to start Posted by Picasa

Anna and #11, Jeff Nelson...She LOVES him! Posted by Picasa

Anna's player on the other side of the ice Posted by Picasa

more of the game... Posted by Picasa

At the game Posted by Picasa

Birthday Bear enjoying the hockey game Posted by Picasa