Thursday, July 10, 2008

4 generations

My mom plays in the Pentwater Civic Band and they have weekly concerts on the Village Green. Well, tonight I finally made it to a concert. Was pretty cool, ended up running into a few people from school. Anyways, we had pizza at the Coast Guard Station on the pier before the concert and here's the picture my dad took of my mom, the girls, my grandma (my mom's mother) and me. It turned out pretty cool. :-)

The Walk, which lead to panic

The little road next to Uncle Ron's house...

Tart cherries...they're never sweet!

A field that we passed by

Yellow sweets...I think...
Same field as above...

Spooky woods
Ever wonder why I have perfect cell reception at my house? This is it. It's in my backyard practically and I love it. LOL! My cell works awesome all the time.

A row of peach trees
The hill we have to climb to get home....

A blurry Riley...she wouldn't stop moving!

A picture that was snapped as I was shutting the camera off and dropping it on the ground. Nice, eh?

After eating a Blizzard from DQ in 2 nights in a row, I decided that I needed to take a walk. So, I rounded up the dogs and headed out. I changed from my normal couse seeing how there's a huge St. Bernard that lives down the road and is NEVER chained up. Anyways...we head through the orchard by Uncle Ron's house, head up over a hill. I spot a yellow sweet cherry tree and want to see if the cherries are ripe. Some are, some aren't...the walk continues til I want to take another picture. The camera? It's not in my pocket any longer. WHAT? Damn! I backtrack to where the yellow cherries where...nope not there. This is where I start to panic. Everyone knows that I love my camera and take pictures of everything! I've got to find it! After about 15 minutes of pure panic hell, I find it. PHEW!