Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Walk, which lead to panic

The little road next to Uncle Ron's house...

Tart cherries...they're never sweet!

A field that we passed by

Yellow sweets...I think...
Same field as above...

Spooky woods
Ever wonder why I have perfect cell reception at my house? This is it. It's in my backyard practically and I love it. LOL! My cell works awesome all the time.

A row of peach trees
The hill we have to climb to get home....

A blurry Riley...she wouldn't stop moving!

A picture that was snapped as I was shutting the camera off and dropping it on the ground. Nice, eh?

After eating a Blizzard from DQ in 2 nights in a row, I decided that I needed to take a walk. So, I rounded up the dogs and headed out. I changed from my normal couse seeing how there's a huge St. Bernard that lives down the road and is NEVER chained up. Anyways...we head through the orchard by Uncle Ron's house, head up over a hill. I spot a yellow sweet cherry tree and want to see if the cherries are ripe. Some are, some aren't...the walk continues til I want to take another picture. The camera? It's not in my pocket any longer. WHAT? Damn! I backtrack to where the yellow cherries where...nope not there. This is where I start to panic. Everyone knows that I love my camera and take pictures of everything! I've got to find it! After about 15 minutes of pure panic hell, I find it. PHEW!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, I think I'd have been in tears! I live to take pictures! (as everyone knowes) I'm sooo glad that you found it!

I am jeallous though of the views you have on your, I get to see a maximum security prison that is over 100 years old, now that is a view....complete with yelling screaming inmates! I think its time to move somewhere pretty!