Sunday, November 6, 2005

"...We don't know when we will be going..."

I've had to answer that question about one time too many! I know people are just curious but it seems as though the same people keep asking the same question!! ~sigh~ It's like being asked "When are you due?" or "Haven't you had that baby yet?" No, we haven't had the baby yet. She's still in China oblivious to what is about to happen. I've been praying for a smooth transition and for the foster family. I know they have cared for Julia since she came to the orphanage. I put a picture that Michelle took into a frame for the foster mom. We also just bought a ton of chocolate to take over for the officials. I know it's going to be hard on everyone.

Here's the timeline so far that I wanted to post awhile back and never did:

Late March...saw AAI website
April 4th...called AAI to request file for a little girl with no ear
April 5th...GOT THE FILE, She's even more adorable than we first thought! Her name is Lu Yin Gui and her birthday is October 14, 2003.
April 19th...attended International info meeting in G.R., Mary tells us that she is putting Lu Yin Gui on hold for us, we're doing it! Met Michelle for the first time.
May5th...send out prelim application
May 9th...had passport pictures taken
May 15th...Filled out full app
May 26th...sent our Letter of Intent to China to adopt Lu Yin Gui
May 26th...first home study visit with Mary Beth
May fingerprint appointments from USCIS
June 2nd...2nd visit with Mary Beth for home study
June 10th...Mary sent new pictures of Julia! OH MY GOODNESS!
June 11th...Watched the video of Julia that Michelle took while in China
June 11th...Went to Kentwood for fingerprints
June 16th...Pre-approval! China says we are approved to adopt a little girl who is now know to us as Julia Renee YinGui
June 27th...last home study visit!!
June 30th...Got Julia's Finding Ad from Brian Stuy at
July 25th...sent home study to Officer Teske at USCIS
July I-171H!
August 17th...Dossier sent to China!!
August 31st...Dossier logged into CCAA
October 11th...Brown Envelope arrived!
October 17th...Sent passports out to get the visa stamp
October 25th...Passports came back from Chinese consulate in Chicago!

So...that brings us to today. We are hoping that we hear from Mary at AAI tomorrow. I don't care if we don't get to China until December, I just want that stinkin' TA! :-) Enough for tonight. Please pray for a safe trip tomorrow for Randy and Michelle. They leave for China to bring home their daughter Avery. Avery is the same age as Julia. We can't wait to get the girls together to play. Of course we will invite Isaac to play too. He's only one day younger than Julia. :-)