Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally...the 50lb mark! posts are all over the board tonight. LOL! But...I had forgot to post this earlier. Ummm...I reached a small milestone. As of today (drum roll please), I've lost 50lbs!! I started out at 205 back in April 2007 and today I hopped on the scale and it read 155.8. YYYYAAAYYY!! I spent a lot of time searching for ideal weight calculators and the ranges they gave me were all over the board. Anywhere from 107lbs to 141 depending on my frame size. Well, scroll down to that Prom picture...I was about 110 there. I look sick! Way too thin and I had no boobs or hips. LOL! People keep telling me that I don't need to lose anymore. I think it's because I've been so heavy for so long, that they're not used to seeing me in a thinner body. I figure I have about another 20/25lbs to go. I will post another comparison picture tomorrow. Thanks to all my friends (Tonni, Dawn and my SIL Tracy) for being my cheerleaders. I could have never done it without them giving support and encouragement. Love you guys!


Hey all!

As anyone who blogs knows...sometimes there are people out there that read our stuff and do bad things with it. I've had some issues and I'm seriously considering making my private. I hate to do that, but...I'm being left with few choices. I will let you all know when the change is coming if and when I decide to do it.


Cameron X2

Cameron and I were discussing who he was named after. Well, Wayne and I both loved the movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and the character Cameron Frye. Soooo...that lead to our baby boy being named Cameron. Anyways, here's a side by side that I put together. :-)