Friday, February 13, 2009

The rescued ladybug and why Ebay is the devil

Some of the outfits that I got Julia from Ebay. Actually, they are all from Gymboree...but purchased on Ebay. I got hooked on the Palm Springs line (all the pink and green/flamingo stuff) and went wild getting all the matching pieces. There is one outfit from their Beach Shack line (the one that has the shirt that says "My Daddy is the Big Kahuna") and I loved that! Then that lead to having to get some matching bows...Ugh! My name is Melissa and I'm an Gymboree/Ebay/having my daughters wear matching outfits addict. I have got Anna some matching things as well. But she's a little over wearing matching outfits with her 5 year old sister!One of my favorite outfits...FLAMINGOS!

Julia and the stickers...she got a little nutty...

So...I went into our upstairs bathroom and had to pee. While looking in the bowl, I saw this little guy floating upside down. Yep. On his back, legs kicking in the air, swirling around in the water. I HAD to rescue him. But once I got him out, he literally didn't want to get off my hand. I had a hard time getting a decent picture.