Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's a little clip of Julia at Anna's game

Picture Updates

Our 2008 Asparagus Parade Marchers!

Wayne making sure the mics for the Oceana Singers work.

Mycousin Lavonne is in this picture...Can you guess which one she is? :-)

Anna at the piano in the Randall School

Jordanna as the teacher at the Randall School in the historic district.

All the kids (minus Ju) at the school.

Tyler making friends with a Scottville Clown Band member.
Tyler, Ju and Wayne
Samantha (who now lives in Minnesota...sniff, sniff....We miss her!!) other sister...who can't take a good picture to save her LIFE!

The beauty queen
The ham
The monkey girl
This is my new chair! I got it at the Pentwater VFW yard sale. Bill Brown is the best salesman. He got me to take it within 5 minutes! I couldn't tell him no. He's about the sweetest old guy I know.

One of my flowers

At Anna's t-ball game
Yes, she is the cutest little girl from Xianning City tha I know!!
Proud Great-Grandparents!

Poppa Bill's strawberries!!!!!!

Anna and Ju each picked their own bucket at Grandma and Poppa's house. Well, maybe Grandma helped!!