Sunday, July 19, 2009

Greg checking out the start of the race
The guy in charge...he was pretty cool
Wayne with the kiddos
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Wayne before the race started...
Eric, Wayne and Ben before the race
More before the race...
Ju was cold.
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The Grandma who finished 1st in her age division
Ben paddling back in...
Marc Oberman who ended up winning...he was very cool. We talked to him after the race for a bit.
A view from the beach as the kayakers went out...
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Here are the 3 biathlonists with the grandma who BEAT Wayne... ;-)
Cam and 2 unknown cousins
Wayne paddling into shore
Wayne heading out...
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Julia and her hot dog
Shell and Wayne
Eric and his blackberry pancakes of death!
Ben's steak and eggs after the giant race!
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Wayne before he smoked me playing Nibs
Me lookin tired...
My vampire bite (aka 2 bugbites...)
I have no idea who Joe and Alpha are, but I liked her name...
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Momma and her girls at the Brown Trout
Cam and Wayne at lunch yesterday
Cool Bench I saw downtown Indian River
The 3 Amigos
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Ju and Gordy
Pickle Silliness
Cam and his burger at the Brown Trout
Anna rockin out in my shades...
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Ju and Uncle Eric
Wayne doing bacon without the rain!
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Wayne at the pool
Anna legs...
Anna girl in her new suit
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