Saturday, May 6, 2006

I went to the Prom and GOAL!!!!!

So I bet you’re wondering what the title means...Well, I did go to a Prom on Friday night. It happened to be the Prom that the ISD and CMH (Community Mental Health) put on for their students and clients. I did have a great time. The kids and older adults seemed to have a great time having dinner (subs, salad, and the favorite: ice cream cones!), dancing the night away and voting for their Prom King & Queen and Prom Prince & Princess. For me as a mom of special needs kids, it was bittersweet. I know that Anna and Julia will grow up to be happy, healthy, "normal" adults. I have no real reason to worry about them. I know that Anna and Julia will have their dream Prom dates. But for the parents o the students from the ISD, this Prom will be it. This is their night to shine, to get all dressed up and show off. I heard from some of the general ed students that the kids from the Horizons class were so excited about this dance. Seeing the CMH clients out and about was great too. I wish our community supported the mentally disabled more. Yet another Melissa soapbox....

Now....about the Goooalllll!!! Cameron had a soccer game Thursday night. I’m also amazed at where that kid pulls his energy from. He can be such a couch potato at home and then just come alive on the soccer field. So anyways, at the game Thursday, he kept asking his teammates to pass it to him as he was making himself open in front of the goal. Well, on the 2nd try, he scored! WOOOHOOO!! I was so proud of him! Our "Leprechaun Kickers" won the game with a score of 4-1. On the drive home Cam asked if I was proud of him. Well, of course I am proud. But I am just as proud as when he scores a 100% (+2 for bonus points) on his spelling tests.

No real other updates to report. Julia is doing well. She loves playing outside and riding her tricycle. She’s growing like a weed!

Thanks to everyone that continues to check our site. At least I’m not writing for nothing! ;-)